“ViTrox believes that the Company’s existence is to be a force for good, contributing to the advancement of the society and well-being of humankind through technological innovation and breakthroughs.“

Chu Jenn Weng

President & CEO
ESG Steering Committee Chairman

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Sustainability Statement

ViTrox is committed to being a responsible company and brings positive contributions to the society and environment. We recognize that corporate's growth and stability are interconnected with the sustainability of three main aspects, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). The yearly compiled Sustainability Statement consists of the numerous ESG initiatives/efforts undertaken by ViTrox to make the world a better place. We will continue to seek improvements by collaborating with all stakeholders and perform our corporate responsibilities persistently.

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Sustainability Statement

Our Sustainability Focuses

ViTrox aims to be the world's most trusted technology company to drive positive impact by eliminating e-waste through its advanced innovation. Throughout the journey, ethics, trustworthy and integrity are the most fundamental elements in pursuing the goals. There are FIVE major focuses of ViTrox in its sustainability journey. ViTrox continues to be a go-green practitioner for preserving Mother Earth, an accountable purchaser for a sustainable supply chain ecosystem, a caring employer for providing its people a harmonious workplace, a trusted corporation that cares for the communities, and conducts business dealings with unwavering integrity and determination.

  • A Go-Green Practitioner

    Preserving Mother Earth is one of the ultimate goals of ViTrox. ViTrox has carried out numerous efforts and initiatives in the area of environmental conservation over the years. We believe that environmental protection is the responsibility of every company, and it's weighed the same as company growth. There are a few main focuses of ViTrox in ecological protection, including clean technology solutions, climate change management, efficient energy usage, air pollution control, water management, and waste management for ensuring a sustainable world.

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  • An Accountable Purchaser

    ViTrox is committed to being an accountable purchaser by sourcing environmentally conscious, safe, legal, and high quality products and services from our worldwide suppliers. For the sake of the supply chain ecosystem's sustainability, we expect our suppliers and their employees to fulfill the requirements stated in our standard policy for protecting the environment and ensuring product & service quality, cost control, human rights, health, and safety are in place. We believe that the collective efforts of all the stakeholders could make a big difference.

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  • A Caring Employer

    ViTrox aims to provide a harmonious, trusted, and caring working culture and environment for our people as their efforts and contributions are unmeasurable. We believe that an enjoyable workplace, fair treatment, and numerous learning opportunities given to our people ignite their innovative ideas and seek continuous growth in their career path.

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  • A Trusted Corporation

    Our core values are the fundamental principles of ViTrox that guide us to think, talk and do the right things every day in the pursuit of both individual and company greatness. ViTrox is committed to uphold and protect the human rights of everyone and treat everyone with dignity and respect. ViTrox performs its social responsibilities by upholding heartfelt engagement with customers, supporting the employment of local talent, cultivating the volunteerism spirit among its people, and organizing numerous donation and fundraising initiatives for the people in need. The ultimate goal is to bring positive impacts to the community through our continuous efforts.

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  • A Sustainable Governance

    ViTrox upholds the highest standards of ethics, honesty, and integrity throughout its business dealings and conducts. We believe that these are the significant elements in ensuring the sustainable development of our corporations. With the uncompromised integrity, we strongly uphold the prohibition of bribery, corruption, conflict of interest, etc.

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Awards & Certifications


Penang Green Office
Green Building Index
Most Number of Free Vegetarian Meals Served by a Company in a Year - 2019
Most Number of Amenity Trees Planted Within 24 Hours - 2017

* ViTrox participated in the
planting activity organized
by Penang State Government.

Quality Management Systems (QMS)
HR Excellence Awards 2019
HR Excellence Awards 2017
HR Asia Award 2015
Prime Minister's Award for Employer Excellence (Private Sector) 2013
Malaysia HR Award 2012- Gold Award SME Best Employer Award
Anugerah Majikan Berdaya Saing Award 2011
Malaysia HR Awards 2008-2009
Forbes Asia Under A Billion List 2021
Forbes Asia Under A Billion List 2019
Forbes Asia Under A Billion List 2017
Forbes Asia Under A Billion List 2015
Forbes Asia Under A Billion List 2011
The Edge Billion Ringgit Club Award 2017, 2018, 2019
MIRA Investor Relations Awards 2016, 2017
ASE Group Outstanding Supplier Award 2018
ASE Malaysia Supplier Recognition Award 2018
ASE Best Supplier Award 2016
Innovation Award 2020
Global Technology Award 2011-2015, 2017, 2019
Best in Test Award 2014
New Product Introduction Award 2012, 2014, 2015
EM Asia Innovation Award 2013
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