Press Release

17th April 2023 - ViTrox Ranked Top Decile in S&P Global CSA

PENANG, MALAYSIA - APRIL 2023 - ViTrox is pleased to announce that the Company has made significant progress in its sustainability efforts. This progress is reflected in the improved score achieved on the Corporate Sustainability Assessment (“CSA”) by S&P Global.

As of 17 April 2023, ViTrox achieved a score of 50% on the S&P Global CSA 2022, a great improvement from 19% in 2021. This achievement places ViTrox in the top decile of companies in the Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment Industry in the S&P Global CSA.

The S&P Global CSA is an annual evaluation of companies’ sustainability practices and performance conducted by S&P Global. The assessment is considered one of the most rigorous and comprehensive evaluations of corporate sustainability, covering various dimensions of sustainability, including ESG factors. It is used by investors, corporations and other stakeholders to benchmark and evaluate sustainability performance.

At ViTrox, sustainability has always been a part of the Company’s DNA. The Company recognises the importance of reducing its impact on the environment and society and increasing the positive contributions towards a more sustainable future. ViTrox has taken monumental steps to achieve this, from improving the ESG disclosure standards to forming ESG committees and developing long-term strategies.

“We are grateful to see our efforts come to fruition, and we embrace our culture at ViTrox to always remain humble, practise self-reflection, and not be complacent,” said Chu Jenn Weng, ESG Steering Committee Chairman of ViTrox. “We are committed to continuously improving our sustainability efforts, and we believe that our improved CSA score is a step in the right direction.”

ViTrox remains committed to the ESG cause and looks forward to making further progress in the future. ViTrox is thankful for the continued support from its stakeholders, including customers, employees, investors and partners and for being part of its sustainability journey.