V310i Series Advanced 3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI)
Designed for paste inspection to increase high throughput productivity in SMT production line.

Key Benefits

High Speed performance SPI system in market
Powerful reporting for data analysis and performance monitoring
Smart Manufacturing Ready
Preferred choice by consumer, automotive, and telecommunication sectors
Shareable wear & tear spare parts between 3D AOI and 3D SPI under one similar machine
Competitive Cost of Ownership

Breakthrough Technologies
Ultra Smart AI Programming

Access the Gerber file of the stencil and start inspection immediately without the need for parameter setting and learning.

Advanced Process Optimization
Collaborate with market known printer and pick & place partners. ViTrox AI profiles out the best printer settings for each production model. This is achieved through continuous data collection on printer optimization activities.
Interconnection between Printer, SPI & SMT
Unique Inspection Coverage
Cater to various inspection coverages within a modified machine platform including gold finger, distance measurement, gold pads, red glue by using ViTrox generic programming platform.
Gold Finger
Red Glue
Gold Pads
Real-Time Closed Loop System Connectivity

Integrate with all ViTrox family inspection systems to create a closed-loop communicated ecosystem to maintain and improve production process efficiency, yield, and quality. Achieved through model parameter sharing and single-learning-multiple-machine linkages to minimize programming time.

Powerful PCB Analysis

Analyze board warpages and prevent it from flowing through to the next process to achieve optimum quality with no rework cost.