V920i : Advanced Robotic Vision System (ARV)

Designed for automotive pressure transducer units inspection and dimension measurement.
advanced robotic vision system (arv) v920i
Functionality V920i
Defects & Measurement Coverage Cosmetic defects (Dent/notch, scratch, burr & stain) & dimension measurement (Length, angle, run-out, parallelism & concentricity)
Inspected Devices Automotive parts
Throughput 500 UPH
Inspection Capabilities
Maximum detectable object size (mm) 18 (Field Of View: 20mm x 20mm)
Bottom Inspection capability
Inspection Coverage Cosmetic Only: Scratch, Notch, Debris & Contamination
Side Inspection capability
Inspection Coverage Dimension & Cosmetic Dimension & Cosmetic
Inspectable Dimension tolerance (mm) +/- 0.02 (Cgk >1.33 ; GRR <10%)
Top Inspection capability
Inspection criteria Dimension & Cosmetic Dimension & Cosmetic
Inspectable dimension tolerance (mm) +/- 0.05 (Cgk >1.33 ; GRR <10%)
Hardware Systems
Pick and place Mechanism 2 x SCARA Robots
Camera 4MP Monochrome Cameras (3 units); 12MP Monochrome Cameras (1 unit); Pixel size: 11um (Side Stations), 10um (Top & Bottom Stations)
Lens Telecentric lens: Side Stations; Liquid lens: Top & Bottom Stations
Light Source Bottom Station: Segmented, Ring & Coaxial
Side 1 Station: Collimated Backlight
Side 2 Station: Coaxial & Collimated Backlight
Top Station: Segmented, Ring & Coaxial
Inner Burr Station (Optional)
Computer System Workstation; Intel Xeon Processor; 16GB RAM; 1 x 500GB SATA HDD; 1 X 120GB SSD HDD; 21 inch wide screen monitor
Graphic Card Nvidia GeForce GTX 960
Host Protocols 10/100/1000-Base Ethernet; TCP/IP or MS Network
Device Input Form Tray (up to 5 trays)
Device Output Form Tray (up to 5 trays); 1 Reject Tray
System Dimensions
Footprint W: 2235 mm x D: 1600 mm x H: 1800 mm (Without tower light)
Weight ~ 1200 kg