V9i Coating Inspection (CI)
Designed for safety and quality-ensured conformal coating inspection that involve co-work between human and the robot.

Key Benefits

100% coating thickness measurement during production
Uncompromized inspection coverage
Competitive Cost of Ownership with 2-in-1 platform
Zero experienced programmer is required
Minimum maintenance
Compact in size

Breakthrough Technologies
Full Area and Variable Angle Inspection Coverage

V9i system provides flexible conformal coating inspection by using a robotic arm (Cobot) that allows the user to set side angle inspection with ease and also full board coverage.

Advanced CAD-less Smart Learning Programming

ViTrox Advanced smart learning programming method allows users to set up programs without CAD. The intuitive user interface provides a new user experience that helps users to create programs with minimum effort.

High Precision In-line Coating Thickness measurement

Accurate Coating thickness measurement that caters for different coating thickness range which complies to IPC Coating thickness standard.

Importance of Coating Thickness:

  1. Improper coverage if coating is too thin.
  2. Will introduce disproportionate stress on components and solder joints if coating is too thick.

Additional Inspection Solution:

  1. Able to integrate Motorized Confocal Displacement Sensor.
  2. With this additional thickness sensor, it can measure the coating thickness of various range.
Compact Size and Space Saving
compact size and space saving unlike conventional CI AOI system, V9i system is compact in size and is designed to dock next to conveyor without increasing the production line length.