V510i 3D Series Advanced Optical Inspection (AOI)
Designed for various size of PCB assemblies to increase production efficiency and cost savings for electronic manufacturing services, communication industry, and etc.

Key Benefits

High Speed Inspection with Real 3D Measurement
AI Powered technology for smart, easy & quality programming
Smart Manufacturing Ready
Preferred choice by world's top Contract Manufacturers
Shareable wear & tear spare parts between 3D AOI and 3D API under one similar machine
Competitive Cost of Ownership

Breakthrough Technologies
AI-Based Smart Technologies

AI Smart Programming

  1. Intelligent & automated programming which eliminates human skills dependency & rapidly improve the programming speed
  2. IPC Class Compliance on Algorithm & Parameter
  3. AI Smart programming assures algorithm quality, accuracy & consistency

AI Assist Buy Off in Repair Station

  1. With the AI Smart Assist feature, the inspection results buy off process can be done at faster speed and higher accuracy.
  2. With AI Smart Assist, it helps to eliminate human judgment mistake.
  3. This new innovation AI feature is fitting the Smart Manufacturing needs as Centralized VVTS buy-off station.
Largest Board Size Platform
  1. Minimum and Maximum Panel Size
    127mm x 127mm - 1320.8mm x 1320.8mm
  2. Minimum and Maximum Panel Thickness 1.5mm to 10mm
  3. Maximum Panel Weight 25Kg
  5. The smart V510i XLW AOI solution offers the world-class board inspection capabilities and software compatible with Industry 4.0 for quality-assured inspection results. With its latest capability, the largest and heaviest PCB board weighing up to 25kg and up to 1.3m x 1.3m (length x width) in size can be accommodated and inspected.
New Added Side Camera

i. SPECKLE Auto Mapping Technology (SAM)

Processes auto mapping on component’s lead for side angle inspection.

ii. Ready for Industry 4.0

Equipped with essential communication protocol for Industry 4.0.

iii. Algorithm-Driven Inspection

Algorithm-driven inspection in side view cameras.

iv. Adaptive Lighting

Smart lighting on required inspection direction.

Unique and Universal Algorithms for Unconventional Applications
ViTrox AOI system is designed for general SMT and also capable of covering other unique inspection requirements such as Gold finger, Coordinate Measurement & Surface Defects Detection.
LED distance & skew measurement
Golden Finger Dimension measurement
Micro contamination detection and count