Press Release

8th July 2021 - Public-Private Partnership Covid-19 Industry Immunisation Programme (PIKAS) in Supporting the Community's Effort to Attain Herd Immunity

PENANG, MALAYSIA - June 2021 - ViTrox Technologies, the world’s most trusted Machine Vision Inspection Solutions provider for the semiconductor and electronic packaging industries, announced that the first dose of ViTrox’s COVID-19 Group Vaccination Program (under PIKAS) has been successfully carried out on 23 and 24 June 2021 at Bukit Jawi Golf Resort, Penang.

PIKAS is a public-private partnership program supported by the private sector that provides the usage of worksites, convention, and exhibition centres as Vaccination Centre (Pusat Pemberian Vaksin - PPV) and with the services of both medical, non-medical and security personnel. The Immunisation Programme (PIKAS) is led by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) and supported by Micron Malaysia, with the collaboration of 21 companies including ViTrox in Batu Kawan Industrial Park, Penang, and involving a total number of 16, 402 workers from 16 June 2021 till 5 July 2021 for the first vaccine doses.

ViTrox has successfully completed Group Vaccination Dose 1 for a total of 690 ViTrox employees, with 312 employees vaccinated on 23 June 2021 and 378 employees on 24 June 2021 under the PIKAS Vaccination Programme.

To ensure a smooth group vaccination process, ViTrox has come out with caring and thoughtful arrangements for all the employees. On top of conducting a detailed briefing to all the employees before vaccination day, ViTrox has arranged several shuttle buses to shuttle all the employees to and fro the vaccination centre on vaccination days. After the vaccination, all the employees are given a set of V-Caring refreshments.

As part of the ViTrox’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives to ensure the health and safety of ViTroxians, ViTrox COVID-19 Taskforce has recruited ~50+ volunteers for assisting the entire process to ensure everyone follows the SOP during vaccination days. Various caring actions have been implemented namely, bus sanitization, 50% passenger occupancy per shuttle bus, caring bus leader appointment and volunteers stationed at the vaccination centre to ensure everyone follows 1-metre social distance, wearing face masks all the time, and completing the entire vaccination process smoothly.

ViTrox Covid-19 Taskforce has put tremendous efforts in this program to ensure its employees are vaccinated under a safe environment. Employees' safety and health are always the top priorities of ViTrox. Based on the outstanding cooperation of all the employees, we were rated as one of the most organized teams among the companies.

ViTrox is grateful that the entire PIKAS Programme runs smoothly with the effort and support from all parties. ViTrox is looking forward to the 2nd dose of vaccination. As this programme aims to accelerate the rate of the herd immunity of the nation, we are honoured to be the first badge to start the PIKAS program in BKIP (Batu Kawan Industrial Park). With everyone's support, we believe that we can achieve herd immunity together.