Press Release

8th July 2011 - ViTrox's Humanistic Learning Trip to Taiwan

On July 2011, a total of 127 ViTroxians visited the Tzi Chi Hospital, followed bt Tzu Chi Recycle Center and Daai TV Station during their humanistic learning trip in Taiwan.

The trip was carried out with a sustainable concept and to cultivated the healthy lifestyle living among ViTroxians.

In the Tzu Chi recycle center, ViTroxians were enlighted by various recycling methods of turning wastes to money. Pet bottles are processed into making clothes and blanket.

Some ViTroxians also had a chance to act as a newcaster at the Tzu Chi's 'Da Ai Tv Station'.

The trip has been a unique experience and acts as a catalyst towards a greener, healthier working environment for ViTrox.