Press Release

4th September 2020 - V-ONE: The Green Initiative for Your Energy Management System

PENANG, MALAYSIA - September 2020 - ViTrox Technologies , a world-leading solution provider of innovative, advanced and cost-effective Automated 3D Machine Vision inspection system and equipment for the Semiconductor and Printed Circuit Board Assembly industries is pleased to introduce V-ONE, the best Industry 4.0 smart solution for users to achieve the most EFFECTIVE energy management!

What is an Energy Management System? Energy Management is a process of tracking, monitoring, and managing energy consumption while the Energy Management System is a system that enables us to manage energy consumption efficiently.

Moving forward into Industry 4.0, energy management makes it even better with all data online and updated on real-time!

The Energy Management System will only trigger the users when the operation is needed for them to attend to the physical environment. The system also recommends the action for the user to utilize the energy more efficiently. With the big data and analytics, the system will continue to evaluate the best configuration for energy usage.

To support that, ViTrox introduces V-ONE, the Industry 4.0 smart solution to the industry to enable the capability for users to achieve the most effective energy management. V-ONE is designed with many features to allow users to monitor their energy performance with real-time data. V-ONE offers a real-time monitoring system that allows users to CONNECT with the data, VISUALIZE and MONITOR the energy usage, and PROACT on troubleshooting when necessary. Most importantly, V-ONE is flexible to be customized based on the users need.

Strengths of V-ONE

Interested in the Green Initiative for energy usage? Reach out to ViTrox sales personnel anytime! With V-ONE, users can also connect remotely with the machines and monitor the performance to maximize machine throughput. So wait no further, this would be a great opportunity for you!

Be Green and Be Effective with energy usage with V-ONE!

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