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4th July 2022 - Rocket EMS Forges Ahead with ViTrox Full SMT Line Inspection Solutions

PENANG, MALAYSIA - MAY 2022 ViTrox is pleased to announce that our valued customer Rocket EMS has formed a full turnkey solution for its SMT line by purchasing ViTrox's V310i XXL Advanced 3D Solder Paste Inspection (API/SPI) and V810i S2 XLT Advanced 3D X-ray Inspection (AXI). These systems are in addition to the V510i AOI and V810i AXI systems they already have in use.

ViTrox’s V310i XXL API/SPI offers extra large board size inspectability with precise solder paste measurement technology for extensive inspection coverage. Its Ultra Smart Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Programming features intelligent parameter setting and learning, which greatly helps in reducing programming time by simplifying complicated processing steps. Nonetheless, V310i API/SPI system allows users to integrate their production process with its Smart Machine-to-Machine (M2M) linkage, associated with the Printer and Pick and Place system, enabling effective machine communication between equipment in a factory line. Thus, the V310i API/SPI improves the efficiency and visibility of the entire production line while reducing costs at the same time. Apart from these features, it is also designed to cater for various market inspection needs, including Red Glue, Gold Pad, Gold Finger, etc.

V810i S2 XLT AXI features countless innovative technologies to significantly enhance inspection capabilities. The system supports PCB board sizes up to 26" x 38" (W x L), specially designed to handle the large board inspection. In addition, it offers multiple inspection resolutions, ideal for New Product Introduction (NPI) as well as high volume production environments.

ViTrox’s V310i API/SPI, V510i AOI and V810i AXI solutions offer high speed inspection performance in the market which greatly helps users to enhance the throughput in a shorter time. Along with ViTrox V-ONE Smart Manufacturing software solution, ViTrox SMT inspection solutions enable detailed data analysis and performance monitoring, which allows users to easily visualize the inspection results and production performance in achieving production and cost efficiency.

"Rocket EMS makes a simple promise to its customers: We will provide extraordinary quality and spectacular service delivered with a sense of urgency. Very simple words that leave no room for excuses. With over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space in two states, Rocket must bring together a talented and motivated workforce, best-in-class equipment and state-of-the-art data collection all working in concert to support a relentless drive for quality. Tools such as the V310i SPI machine and our 2nd large format V810i S2 AXI machine support Rocket's ability to deliver on its promise. Rocket is proud to call ViTrox a critical partner."

ViTrox and Rocket EMS always strive to provide top-notch quality products and services to the customers. With the full-line intelligent SMT inspection solutions, Rocket EMS could meet the stringent standards of the market and be able to deliver high-quality products to the customers.

ViTrox is grateful to have the support and trust of Rocket EMS for the past many years. We look forward to more wonderful collaborations with Rocket EMS in the future.

About Rocket EMS
Rocket EMS is based in Santa Clara, California, a full service Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) supplier providing a broad range of services including PCB layout, supply chain management, assembly, test, system build and logistics across a broad range of market segments. Rocket addresses quick-turn NPI support through domestic volume production. The company is comprised of a group of dedicated long-term employees using state-of-the-art tools and equipment led by a management team with a track record of success in the EMS business. For more information about Rocket EMS, please visit