Press Release

31st May 2021 - Proliferation of ViTrox’s Core Values I.A.C.T.G.

PENANG MALAYSIA - May 2021 - ViTrox Technologies today announces the successful sharing of ViTrox’s core values I.A.C.T.G. (Integrity . Accountability . Courage . Trust & Respect . Gratitude & Care) with its worldwide Sales Channel Partners (SCPs) and encourage everyone to embrace the I.A.C.T.G. values, which truly are a set of universal principles for creating a harmonious, trusted & productive team and society.

ViTrox’s core values I.A.C.T.G. proliferation sharing aims to cultivate the core values for the worldwide SCPs and encourage the practice of the values in their daily and work lives, thereby bringing good deeds and positive impacts to the community. I.A.C.T.G. core values have become our fundamental beliefs that guide our daily work life and all our actions. “I always believe that core values have the power and ability to drive positive and powerful change in ourselves, the company and the community from within,” said Mr Chu Jenn Weng, President & CEO of ViTrox, “Our Vision and Mission are guided by the IACTG over the past 10-year journey thus far and we are now even more ready for greater purpose while taking care of and being focused on all our fronts for another 10 years.”

Recently, ViTrox has hosted three webinar sessions of I.A.C.T.G. Proliferation Sharing on 26 January 2021 and 15 April 2021 with Sales Channel Partners (SCPs) to cultivate the meaningful benefits of ViTrox core values I.A.C.T.G. and the practical ways to apply I.A.C.T.G. in their daily lives. Tremendous initiatives and efforts have been spent and demonstrated by the founders and the management team as they prepared and pre-recorded for the webinar sharing sessions.

The founder, co-founder and senior management team shared the objectives and their experiences of practising I.A.C.T.G. core values. One of the highlights is Mr Chu Jenn Weng, President & CEO of ViTrox for his opening speech on why the core values I.A.C.T.G. are important to ViTrox, SCPs, customers and other stakeholders, and how the values make our life different from where we are now. Mr Siaw Kok Tong (Steven), ViTrox Executive Vice President, and Mr Wee Kah Khim, ViTrox Executive Vice President, have shared the true stories of implementing core values in dealing with customers and partners. And not to forget, Ms Su Pek Fuen, Director of People Culture, also shared on the implementations of I.A.C.T.G. values for the past 10 years in ViTrox. Meanwhile, ViTrox also has shipped out many handmade bamboo banks and appreciation cards to encourage SCPs to practice A Good Deed A Day as the first step for embarking on the I.A.C.T.G journey.

We strongly encourage SCPs to share the I.A.C.T.G. Stories and indulge in this meaningful journey along with us. We believe that it's going to inspire more people to participate in this meaningful journey too! As the quote by Vincent van Gogh — “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.” If you keen to understand the beauty of ViTrox’s Core Values I.A.C.T.G., please visit to