Press Release

31st Mar 2021 - ViTrox Partnering with SQC AG - A New Sales Channel Partner in Switzerland

PENANG MALAYSIA - March 2021 - ViTrox Technologies has partnered with SQC AG, a Swiss-based electronic manufacturing company that markets a huge spectrum of electronics manufacturing solutions, including promoting ViTrox’s Advanced Optical Inspection Solution (AOI), Advanced 3D Solder Paste Inspection Solution (API), and Advanced Robotic Vision (ARV).

ViTrox Executive Vice President, Wee Kah Khim, said: "As ViTrox continues to broaden its exclusive business strategies, our partnership with SQC AG has reinforced our ability to deliver the latest solutions that integrate the most robust machine vision breakthroughs for the customers. With collaboration and partnership with SQC AG, the distribution of our machine vision solutions is to further enhance ViTrox market presence in the European market while adding values to ViTrox's sales in Switzerland."

SQC AG is a Swiss-based public limited company established since the year of 1992 and has been serving the electronic and semiconductor industries in Switzerland ever since. The company was acquired by Christian Vetsch, the Owner and Managing Director and Sales of SQC AG, in the year of 2008. Their office space is around 190 m2 which belongs to the company located in the Eastern part of Switzerland (close to Germany and Austria on the shore of Lake Konstanz).

SQC AG promotes a variety of electronics manufacturing related products. Meanwhile, SQC AG markets radio remote controls for industrial application under the brand name - SAFECOM, which was introduced to the business in 2015. SQC AG has developed many long-term relationships with customers from all regions of Switzerland. Christian and his team have over 80 years of experience in electronic production.

Christian Vetsch, the Managing Director and Sales of SQC AG, was born in the year of 1962. He has completed an apprenticeship as an electrician which later led to his career path for bachelor studies in electronics. He has worked in a variety of industries, mainly as an engineer in industrial automation, which later paved his career in sales and management. Christian also possesses 3 years of experience as a liaison engineer for a Swiss company based in the United States of America.

SQC AG will represent ViTrox's complete range of innovative inspection solutions for the SMT PCB assembly. For more information about SQC AG, contact Christian Vetsch, at or visit for further information and support & service.