Press Release

30th August 2019 - ViTrox and SMTo to Showcase Multiple Vision Inspection Solutions at Mexico Technology Day 2019

MEXICO - August 2019 - ViTrox Technologies, the world-leading vision inspection solutions provider, co-joining SMTo, ViTrox’s sales channel partner, today announced the hosting of Mexico Technology Day that will be held on September 2019. After the first roadshow in May, ViTrox is once again geared up to showcase their latest vision inspection solutions at two locations in Mexico as follows:

10th September 2019- 1:30pm - 7:30pm at Holiday Inn Ciudad, Juarez.

12th September 2019- 1:30pm - 7:30pm at Holiday Inn Express Iteso, Guadalajara.

Unlike the previous roadshow, Mexico Technology Day aims to introduce not only the inspection solutions of PCBA market, but an array of machine vision solutions from different business units in ViTrox to a wider audience, such as back end semiconductor, final assembly solution, electronic communication systems and more. Through the technical sharing, attendees are going to learn the contributions of these solutions in production lines, increase their readiness towards Industry 4.0, and understand the advancement of technology in today's market.

Among the presented products, one of them is V9i CCI, an advanced robotic vision solution that runs conformal coating inspections on electronic devices in a harmful-free environment. V9i with its flexible robotic arm in conformal coating inspection provides extensive inspection coverage and thickness measurement to ensure the safety of human eyes from the exposure of UV light.

Apart from that, V310i: Advanced 3D Paste Inspection (API), ViTrox latest Solder Paste Inspection solution is equipped with the world’s fastest Gerber switching for program editing. The API supports manual programming without the Gerber database as well. In addition to the ability of auto-calibration, this machine supports machine to machine capability with EtherCAT solutions which aligned with the trend of Industry 4.0 today.

To provide a well-rounded avenue for the roadshow, ViTrox will also feature V-ONE, a highly customizable open platform which offers data-driven decisions in the manufacturing process to the visitors. Through its features such as dashboard, data analysis, status monitoring, alert triggering system, and e-ticketing, V-ONE helps manufacturers to reduce downtime and increase throughput in a production line.

To make reservations, visitors may contact Carlos Ponce (, Alejandro Olivar (, or Ken Soon ( Visitors are encouraged to register as soon as possible as the special gifts will be given to the early birds.