Press Release

29th April 2016 - ViTrox's Products Overview at Semicon Southeast Asia 2016!

PENANG MALAYSIA – April 2016 – ViTrox Technologies has taken the great opportunity to showcase all 4 Business Units' products during Semicon SEA 2016 at booth #604! On top of displaying different systems, TH1000Si Tray-based Handler, V510i Optimus 3D AOI and ViNET series products during the show, ViTrox has presented its newly launched solution-based product named as V-ONE, VR20L Post Seal Vision Handler, Vs3D BGA Inspection System as well.

ViTrox's V-ONE is the new solution-based product launched by ViTrox that combines all of the previous and future ViTrox software into one suite of solutions to connect the inspection machines in SMT production lines in order to monitor their performance on a real-time basis. V-ONE allows users to manage factories smarter and optimize factory resources across geographical locations.

VR20L Post Seal Vision Handler covers multiple vision systems in one machine such as tape seal inspection, mark inspection, package inspection, lead inspection and bottom carrier inspection tape. Another feature of the VR20L Post Seal Vision Handler is its fast changeover with quick and easy tape loading for different packages. This unique capability of the multiple vision stations maximizes production throughput and inspection options for the semiconductor and LED industry.

In addtion, ViTrox’s 3D BGA system provides unprecedented and patented optical BGA inspection for μBGAs, Flip Chips, CSPs, WLCSPs, Fine Pitch BGAs and FIWLPs, to ascertain solder joint reliability. Additionally, the 3D BGA system supports multi-pitch BGA inspection ranging from sizes 1x1 to 7x7mm. It is conversion free and easy-to-setup.

ViNET is a distributed industrial control network which consists of a PCI-based master controller board, slave I/O and 4-axis motion controller modules. The master controller board offers users to connect up to 64 I/O and motion controller modules via four RJ45 communication ports. The communication speed between master controller and slave modules is configurable up to 20Mbps through Ethernet cable.

ViTrox's TH1000Si is designed with advanced key technologies to provide high speed, high accuracy, one stop vision inspection solutions specially for BGA, QFN, CSP, TSSOP, MSOP, SOP packages handled in tray. TH1000Si contributes to high throughput of up to 42K UPH. Auto pitching mechanism provides faster and more reliable nozzle pitch conversion. It is able to inspect various kind of 2D & 3D defects for various package sizes with high speed, high accuracy and low false call.

V510i Advanced Optical Inspection System (AOI) uses 2D + 3D Inspection concurrently to achieve high productivity and high detectability. It boasts capabilities that are unmatched by other existing solutions in the market. V510i 3D AOI is coupled with structured lighting for 2D illumination with multiple color LEDs. The revolutionary multi-angle multi-color illumination capability allows multiple images to be acquired for each view.

There were numerous visitors paid a visit to ViTrox's booth during the 3 days show. Many of the visitors were interested on the new products like VR20L Post Seal Vision Handler and V-ONE solution. This year, ViTrox has also set-up a photo booth for visitors to take instant photos on the spot. It serves as a memorable activity between visitors and ViTrox team.

With the great efforts contributed by the team and other parties, Semicon SEA 2016 was ended successfully. ViTrox is looking forward to present more new products in Semicon SEA 2017!