Press Release

26th December 2018 - ViTrox Hosted High Impact Training for Sales 2018 for Worldwide Sales Channel Partners

PENANG MALAYSIA - December 2018 - With the aims to empower Sales Channel Partners’ (SCPs) knowledge on the latest vision solutions, acquaint new products to all SCPs and agents, and celebrate the immense sales accomplishments for the past few years, ViTrox Technologies hosted High Impact Training for Sales 2018 (HITS 2.0) from 3rd-7th December 2018 at ViTrox Campus 2.0, Batu Kawan Industrial Park, Penang.

With the theme of “Scale To Great 2.0 | One Vision, One Voice, One Team”, this 5-day training program had received a positive response from sales channel partners wherein all attendees came from 14 countries (Canada, Mexico, USA, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hungary, and Romania) actively participated themselves throughout the entire program. An array of exciting industry knowledge sharing and product development topics were presented by Business Development and R&D speakers to the SCPs. In the meantime, a classroom training in station game style was conducted to demonstrate various vision solutions launched by different business units in ViTrox as well.

Apart from training sessions, there was a soft launch of ViTrox’s latest advanced robotic vision solution on the 4th day itself. V9i, or also known as Cobot (co-work between human and robot) is the final assembly inspection solution that runs conformal coating inspection on electronic devices. It offers compelling benefits to users such as 360-degree unlimited inspection coverage without restrictions, location flexibility, easy programming, safer inspection environment and higher inspection accuracy results. The machine was soft launched during the program while SCPs were given a chance to view it at close range.

To express ViTrox’s sincere gratitude, a sign language performance entitled “We Are One Family” was delivered by the top management and committees to SCPs after the appreciation certificate giving ceremony. Consequently, the entire auditorium was profoundly moved by the heartwarming sense of love as everyone serves each other with respect, gratitude, and love.

As ViTrox earnestly promotes Corporate Social Responsibility practices, a fruit tree-planting activity was held on the same day at ViTrox Campus 2.0 to raise the awareness of environment protection and cultivate the home feeling among SCPs as well. “We are beyond satisfied that ViTroxians and those sales channel partners have worked closely in providing reforestation to our mother earth which aligns with our IACTG value”, said Ms. Wee Siao Ying, Marcom Manager of ViTrox.

The 5-day HITS 2.0 program was further enriched with a team building activity. As Penang is known as The Pearl of The Orient under UNESCO World Heritage Site, all SCPs accompanied by ViTrox Team were taken in a tour to George Town area during the last day of HITS 2.0. Other than sightseeing around the heritage buildings, they were all given a chance to experience the adrenaline-filled glass walkway at Rainbow Skywalk, The Top Komtar. Through this activity, everyone was thrilled by the stunning bird’s eye view of Penang city from the 68th floor.

In the evening, an appreciation dinner was held at Vistana Hotel as a celebration before the end of HITS 2.0. Dinner tables and scrumptious buffet delicacies were set to serve the fellow attendees. Among the programs, one of the key highlights during the dinner was the award giving ceremony with a list of recognitions that appreciates the achievements of SCPs throughout the past years. Apart from the awards recognition, all SCPs and committees were presented a photo frame with a HITS 2.0 group photo as a token of appreciation.

Awards Recognition to ViTrox’s Sales Channel Partners:

Champion Support Team (2016-2018):
- NSCB System Sdn. Bhd.
- SMTo Engineering

NPI Top Sales (2016-2018):
- MTSC Solutions Sdn. Bhd.

Loyalty Partnership Award (>5 years):
- Evotest Inc.
- iNeTest Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
- IRC Systems Co., Ltd
- Ming Cheng Integration Technology Co.,Ltd.

Top New Local Account Sales:
- NSCB Systems Sdn. Bhd.
- LinkWays Tech Co., Ltd.
- Evotest Inc
- MTSC Solutions Sdn. Bhd.

Top Sales 3 Years (2016-2018):
- LinkWays Tech Co., Ltd.

“Again, with the theme of ‘One Vision, One Voice, One Team’, I hope that ViTrox and our SCPs will continue working together in a unified team to grow our business while persistently practicing our fundamental core values- IACTG (Integrity, Accountability, Courage, Trust and Respect, and Gratitude and Care) in everyday life”, proclaimed by Mr. Chu Jenn Weng, the President and CEO of ViTrox.