Press Release

26th April 2022 - ViTrox's Virtual High Impact Training for Sales (HITS 3.0) for Worldwide Sales Channel Partners

PENANG, MALAYSIA - APRIL 2022 ViTrox has conducted the Virtual High Impact Training for Sales (HITS 3.0) for the worldwide Sales Channel Partners (SCPs) from 11 to 13 January 2022. The 2.5-day HITS 3.0 was a roaring success with the participation of worldwide SCPs across 14 countries.

ViTrox HITS 3.0 aims to deliver high impact sales training while creating excitement for SCPs through business market sharings and a series of insightful sales and marketing strategies sharing. The ultimate goal of HITS 3.0 is to help the SCPs to learn more about the winning strategies, product competitive advantages and other useful knowledge of all the products. It could help them to cross-sell ViTrox's solutions from all aspects. Besides that, ViTrox internal sales experts have also shared customer success stories with worldwide SCPs to better understand ViTrox’s good practices in winning businesses and the trust of the customers. As a result, SCPs can better serve worldwide customers by addressing their problems and challenges with the right products and services at the right cost and quality at the right time.

On the last day, ViTrox's Shared Service Teams also shared the achievements of 2021 and the upcoming initiatives/focuses in 2022. We are in faith that understanding ViTrox's internal process provides a smoother process for the collaboration between ViTrox and SCPs. Lastly, HITS 3.0 ended with an appreciation session for recognising SCP's hard work and sales achievements over the past few years.

Quote from The President and CEO of VITrox Mr Chu Jenn Weng: "HITS 3.0 is the event that connects both ViTrox and the worldwide SCPs to strengthen the relationships and trust. Besides, SCPs can learn about the past, present and future of ViTrox in technologies, strategies, value differentiation and, most importantly, ViTrox IACTG way of doing business and interaction with people”.

Group Photo of ViTrox and the SCPs

With the unwavering support and active participation from worldwide SCPs and ViTrox's teams, the event ended smoothly with great success. This magnificent experience has given ViTrox strong confidence to be the world’s most trusted technology company with supportive business partners and SCPs!