Press Release

25th April 2015 - Annual Dinner

25th April, 2015- This year, ViTrox's annual dinner took place at Bayview Beach Hotel, many ViTroxians arrived, clad in the defined floral garb. A backdrop features a long row of tress with perspective view, quoted with “ Journey to Greatness” means turning from Good to Great, and many ViTroxians posed and took group photos in front of it. From start to finish, employees were observed having a good time, falling in with the happy mood that thrived as the evening developed.

The event kicked off when emcees announced the arrival of the CEO, Vice Presidents and the VIP Guests. After the speeches from the CEO and VIP, series of program were performed by club members and management team, and the highlight was sand art performance which illustrated about ViTrox in the past, now, and future.

The night ended with long service awards given to relevant employees, appreciation awards presented to business units and group photo session of whole company.