Press Release

24th March 2023 - ViTrox Expands Its Reach in North America, Driving Innovation in the Region's Manufacturing Industry

PENANG, MALAYSIA - MARCH 2023 ViTrox, which aims to be the world’s most trusted technology company is honored to announce its recent developments in the North American region.

Key Drivers of Outstanding Revenue Record

Throughout the years, ViTrox strives to innovate the most advanced and intelligent solutions to meet customers’ demands and optimize the production process. ViTrox offers a series of SMT PCBA solutions ranging from our V310i Advanced 3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) Solutions, V510i Advanced 3D Optical Inspection (AOI) Solutions, V810i Advanced 3D X-Ray Inspection (AXI) Solutions, V9i Advanced Robotic Vision (ARV) Solutions, and our Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Intelligence - V-ONE. To keep up with the market demands, we will also be introducing the all-new Semicon AOI, Micro AOI and Micro SPI.

Our V510i 3D AOI and V810i 3D AXI solutions are IPC-CFX certified where the intelligent features match the ever-changing demands in the electronics manufacturing industry and help customers to move towards Smart Manufacturing with higher productivity and efficiency. Both solutions are equipped with Artificial Intelligent (A.I.) to automate the programming process and aim to aid customers in achieving efficient and effective manufacturing processes.

The Unsung Key Contributors

ViTrox is grateful to have visionary leaders who are always willing to embrace challenges and lead the team toward its goals. Recently, Mr Richard Osborne who has over 20 years of experience in the SMT industry has been promoted to be ViTrox's Senior General Manager (formally Business Development Director) for the United States and Canada. Besides, Mr Seow Zi Yang, who joined ViTrox in 2009, has been promoted to Global Sales Director (formally Senior Manager). Both of them are playing crucial roles in driving the continued success of ViTrox's Automated Board Inspection Division.

The image above shows Mr Richard Osborne (left), who has been promoted to Senior General Manager, and Mr Seow Zi Yang (right), who has been promoted to Global Sales Director.

Strong Teamwork To Deliver Excellence

ViTrox's success is largely due to the strong support provided by our US team and Sales Channel Partners (SCPs), who continuously offer top-notch solutions and services to our customers. To meet the increasing number of customer requests and demands, we are searching for talented sales and technical experts for the US and Mexico regions. We believe that a strong team helps establish robust and trusted networking opportunities with customers. We look forward to welcoming new talent to join our big family.

Advanced innovations, great leadership, and strong teamwork are crucial elements in driving great success for ViTrox. As Executive Vice President Mr Wee Kah Khim said, "We are grateful to have a team of talented members who put in relentless efforts to achieve a common goal. We believe that with this strong momentum, we can continue to provide excellent solutions and service to our valued customers.”