Press Release

21st October 2022 - ViTrox’s Newest V-ONE AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) Cloud - A Must-See Breakthrough!

PENANG, MALAYSIA - 19 OCTOBER 2022 – ViTrox Corporation, which aims to be the world’s most trusted technology company, is pleased to announce the launch of V-ONE Artificial Intelligence of Things in the Cloud. This solution is designed to contribute the following values to the industry and academia; cost-effective, easy-to-implement, plug-and-play data analytics, and data science on IoT connectivity regardless of brand and machine learning applications.

Applying the concept of “life-long learning”, our V-ONE AIoT Cloud had been designed for ease of use for any user, regardless of background knowledge and skill. Throughout our expansion, we have had interns that join us from time to time with their final-year practicum projects which involved IoT and data analytics. They chose one of the applications we have as a part of their final-year project – which is to digitalize our in-house agriculture by visualizing the current growing environment and the soil pH level for different crops. As we applied our usual database and server approach for in-house agriculture, we realized that the infrastructure and the environment here were not ideal for placing a server or a PC. We needed the IoT with a gateway approach that directs data to the cloud, especially to avoid costly and environment-sensitive servers in the agricultural surroundings. It had to be simple where IoT sensors are plugged into IO modules with gateway connectivity to the Cloud.

As we embarked on many similar IoT projects in the past that involved different sensors from various suppliers, we noticed that connectivity and sending extracted data into the database were huge problems. Oftentimes, data can be extracted, but it would be saved into different databases. Merging those databases would be a pain for any integrator or developer, as it involves column blendings, voids, and the lack of subject matter experts. This entire process ends up being time-consuming, all just to manage databases collected from different sources of sensors. This would turn out to be a total catastrophe, especially if we could only imagine on time not being by our side, and what we thought as easy turns out to be complicated and not discovered.

With a visionary goal in mind and the need to find a solution for ourselves and others who may be facing the same struggles, the conception of the V-ONE AIoT Cloud came to life. The V-ONE AIoT Cloud enables plug-and-play of pre-configured IoT sensors, actuators, IO link masters, and communication-enabled PLC to collect DATA and transmit them via gateways to a secured Cloud infrastructure. The received data are then SORTed and ARRANGEd accordingly in SQL databases (single/multi-tenant) to enable users for easy access, as well as for the creation of dynamic charts and dashboards for their application. They are PRESENTED with dynamic drill down charts for further analysis such as trend projections and root cause analysis. Workflows can be added to build with drag-and-drop applications or low code configurations where the collected data are trained simultaneously with either supervised, unsupervised, or semi-unsupervised machine learning for artificial intelligence simulation – whereby your data is now explained with a STORY. The identified models can then be inference on the edge devices if AI edge devices are available. This closes the loop from DATA -> SORT -> ARRANGED -> PRESENTED -> Explained with a STORY where V-ONE AIoT Cloud partners with various ecosystem providers can now work together to enable cost-effective Cloud ready IoT solutions for the industry and students alike. As we packaged our offerings in simple ebooks paired with readily-available e-learning materials, we can now reduce project time and cost by an impressive average of 70-80% and have garnered an average rating of 4.7 out of 5. Most importantly, we can now reach and support related industries towards an easy-to-adopt Industry 4.0 self-starting approach, as well as millions of students in the engineering academics transition towards data analytics and data science.

What’s more, subscribing to our V-ONE AIoT Cloud has now been made easier than ever. Whether you are a student, an academician, or an enterprise, all you need to do to own a subscription to our V-ONE AIoT Cloud is to go to our website,, and subscribe to your desired package. To make this more accessible to students and academicians, we provide a FREE one (1) year account, so please remember to subscribe with your academic email account. If you are from a company or an enterprise, you can choose between either a basic subscription or a premium subscription, which also comes with a FREE one(1) month trial to suit your business’s needs. Students or customers who are interested can watch available YouTube videos on how to subscribe, as well as connect your IoT devices to AIoT Cloud.

Of course, we also strive to guarantee customer satisfaction when it comes to understanding our solutions better. Therefore, we gathered a couple of sharings from our V-ONE AIoT Cloud users. One of it would be from Abdul Qayyum Bin Abd Rashid, a student from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), who shares about the accessibility of V-ONE for his studies. “My review is based on comparing my experience using other IoT platforms, [and] it’s free. All the widget[s] on the IoT platform [are] free. The component [that is] registered in the device manager [guarantees] readings straight away without coding. This is very useful to check if [a] new component is working or not. The devices and components are organized," stated Abdul Qayyum. Another sharing from an IoT enthusiast, Rodney Yeo, expressed his love for our V-ONE by stating that he is "happy with [his] V-ONE IoT Kit [as it allowed him] to learn [about the] IoT Platform as [a] newbie from scratch."

We would also like to add on a testimonial from Ober Choo, an ecosystem partner from Cytron Technologies, which is Malaysia’s largest digital maker marketplace with their own e-commerce platform. Choo shares that the “V-One AIoT Platform is a great AI + IoT cloud solution for the students, lecturers, and makers to get a glimpse of how the actual Industry cloud platform works. Together with the V-ONE team, Cytron has packed an IoT kit specifically for students to get started with IoT. The kit comes with carefully selected sensor and actuator modules, a wireless microcontroller dev board and a very comprehensive user's guide with 10 projects. Students with the kit will also get a free V-ONE Cloud account. The kits [have] receive nearly 5-star (4.7 to be exact) reviews since the launch in August 2022. With the very affordable price tag of less than RM100, we hope [that] more students will get to be IoT developer, one of IR4.0 pillars.”

All in all, it is an honour to be able to showcase the wonders of V-ONE AIoT Cloud. With this implementation, you can be assured that you will save costs, time and be guaranteed with timely assistance from our end. Additionally, you are welcome to drop by our booth to have an in-depth discussion about other V-ONE features. For more information regarding our V-ONE, feel free to contact Gary Leong ( We look forward to being of your service!