Press Release

21st November 2019 - ViTrox Announces Collaboration with Center of Goodness Study (CGSC) to Foster Goodness and Compassion in the Industry

PENANG MALAYSIA - August 2019 - ViTrox Corporation, an innovative, advanced and cost-effective automated vision inspection solutions provider, today announced a collaboration agreement with Center of Goodness Study (CGSC) 善学文化传播发展有限公司 from China to further foster the spirit of compassion and goodness in today’s fast-growing industry.

An agreement, in the form of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), signifies the mutual acknowledgement between ViTrox and CGSC, was signed by Mr Chu Jenn Weng, President and CEO of ViTrox Corporation, and Professor Her Rey-Sheng, Chief Advisor of Center of Goodness Study (CGSC) at ViTrox Campus 2.0 on 24th July 2019.

The Center for Goodness Study (CGSC) is a social enterprise institute that studies and promotes the theory of goodness to bring a positive impact on society in many different aspects, such as economy, culture, and organization. The purpose of this agreement is to promote the concept of altruism into enterprise and organizational management.

The agreement will see both parties collaborate seamlessly with each other on leveraging resources to promote Goodness Study 善学文化 education. With the combined effort of CGSC and ViTrox, they strive to foster the spirit of compassion and goodness to more local companies in Malaysia.

By doing so, both parties will provide short-term and mid-term Goodness training courses for public interest and commercial operations based on the local business environment and the dedicated venue will be defined by ViTrox.

Meanwhile, ViTrox, as a world-leading organization that always strives to encourage benevolence and kindness among ViTroxians, participated in a forum in the United Kingdom along with CGSC this year’s April. Recognizing the positive learning outcomes, both parties agreed to promote the same setting in Malaysia and form an independent group for local entrepreneurs in the future.

Mr Chu Jenn Weng said, “We believe the collaboration with CGSC will help ViTrox to transform into a high-tech company that provides world-leading solutions while serving the purpose of spreading goodness to society.”