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21st July 2020 - ViTrox AXI V810i Brings Electronics Manufacturing Services to the Next Level for PARPRO Technologies

USA - July 2020 - PARPRO Technologies understands the importance of investing in equipment with the latest technological advancements and is very excited to add to its portfolio the latest innovation in Advanced 3D X-Ray Inspection (AXI) from ViTrox Technologies.

The ViTrox AXI V810i is a key enabler for PARPRO in the microelectronic world, supporting the ever-increasing complexity of electronic products and supporting its customers with their advanced solutions and unique production environments now and in the future.

PARPRO Technologies is a comprehensive engineering-rich hardware solutions provider that offers full-service design and manufacturing with an emphasis on ODM and OEM solutions. With the mission to deliver a competitive and simple to complex solutions strategy, PARPRO Technologies specializes in system & board design from concept to production along with contract manufacturing services ranging from Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) to sheet metal fabrication, assemblies, integration, and production. As a top EMS company in Southern California, PARPRO Technologies provides both consignment and full turnkey manufacturing services for PCBA, cable assembly, box build and system integration.

In early 2020, PARPRO Technologies purchased their first ViTrox 3D in-line Advanced X-ray Inspection System (AXI), the V810i S2EX system.

As product complexity continues to grow, the demand for high-quality assurance in the high-speed placement process is a top priority. With the addition of the ViTrox AXI, PARPRO not only improves the in-house X-ray inspection capability and enhances production efficiency but provides the customer with product peace of mind that effectively reduces the manufacturing costs while improving profitability.

ViTrox V810i AXI S2EX provides best-in-class board inspection capabilities equipped with the latest software features such as Lightning Programming (Inline OLP), Auto Exposure 2.0 for heavily shaded component, and 3D Computed Tomography (3DCT) for image quality enhancement. Besides, hardware features such as Motorized X-ray tube, this AXI System offers multiple inspection image resolution and Hybrid Panel in Place (PIP) mechanisms catering for board edge protection, enabling stakeholders to achieve high inspection quality and results. Additionally, the ViTrox AXI System is Industry 4.0 ready and coupled with Machine to Machine (M2M) connectivity, users can remotely visualize machine utilization status which maximizes production throughput in real-time.

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