Press Release

2nd February 2016 - ViTrox Will Debut Its New SPI System and V-One Solution at APEX!

PENANG MALAYSIA – January 2016 – ViTrox Technologies today announced that it will exhibit in Booth #1023 at the 2016 IPC APEX EXPO, scheduled to take place March 15-17, 2016 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. ViTrox's new products – V310 3D SPI and V-One will be highlights of the day!

ViTrox's 3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) is designed for paste print inspection, which is applicable to different fields such as mobile phones, tablet PCs, computers and accessories, digital cameras, camcorders, automotive, medical, server, LED, FPC, communication products and so on. SPI is one of the most decisive procedures as it affects the finished quality of circuit board.

ViTrox's V310 3D SPI system inspects PCB boards up to 510mm x 505mm. It can accurately detect defects quickly. In addition, it is compatible with various types of materials, including components, printed circuit boards (PCBs) and others. Besides, the Programmable Spatial Light Modulation (PSLM) of V310 3D SPI eliminates the mechanical operation and moving parts, greatly improving the ease of use and reliability, and reducing the maintenance costs compared to other solder paste inspection technologies available in the market. The patented D-Lighting achieves full light spectrum detectability, which aims to solve the shadow effect and reduce noise interference during 3D measurement.

The Multi-Head Technology of the V310 3D SPI inspects solder paste with three different color structured lighting, which acquires multiple photos from different angles in order to shorten the inspection process. Not only an SPC tool, V310 3D SPI also features a Multi PCB View that processes two sets of different data simultaneously for comparison and analysis. For different production lines, it can be ran efficiently and effectively. The simple user interface requires only five minutes of programming settings and one key operation can ease the work of users. Furthermore, it can be connected to ViTrox's V-One Solution that allows users to access and control the machine anywhere at anytime!

ViTrox's V-One is the new software-based product launched by ViTrox that combines all of the previous and future ViTrox software into one suite of solutions to connect the inspection machines in SMT production lines in order to monitor their performance on a real-time basis. V-One allows users to manage factories smarter and optimize factory resources across geographical locations.

Technology trends are moving toward smart manufacturing and V-One is the result of this new era. The initial stages of V-One are Collect, Visualize and ProAct. During the Collect stage, users are able to monitor, collect machine data, and track issues in real-time. Any data that are recorded in V-One is traceable, whereby users can access and review machine data in a few clicks from anywhere by connecting PC or smart devices to Wifi or network. Therefore, even though users are not physically on the production floor, they can still monitor their machines anytime and anywhere.

During the Visualize stage, customizable analysis charts can be created by users. Users can collect machine data by using V-One and produce different customizable charts as a dashboard for ongoing monitoring and analysis purposes. Inspection system data such as false call rates, productivity rates, first-pass yield rates, machine utilization rate, operating equipment efficiency rate and other data from the inspection machines in SMT production can be viewed and used for analysis charts on a real-time basis. Besides, the triggering system of V-One will send out alerts to user groups via SMS, email, etc. when abnormal performance occurs. At that time, users can promptly respond to any issues.

During the ProAct stage, the data standardization of V-One helps to reduce the false call rate. All of the data collected from inspection machines will be recorded in the V-One and it will have auto finetuning through the centralized Networked Offline Programing (NOLP) station. The auto fine-tuning is based on the machine data history that is saved in the V-One system and users can review the machine data history of the past. By utilizing the features of V-One, users are able to manage their inspection production lines in a smarter way; aligning with Smart Manufacturing of the future.