Press Release

2nd August 2021 - ViTrox Employees Have Successfully Vaccinated Under PIKAS In Accelerating Vaccination Efforts

PENANG, MALAYSIA - July 2021 - ViTrox Technologies, the world’s most trusted Machine Vision Inspection Solutions provider for the semiconductor and electronic packaging industries, announced that ViTrox employees have completed the second dose of vaccination under ViTrox’s COVID-19 Group Vaccination Program (under PIKAS) on 14th July and 15th July 2021 at Bukit Jawi Golf Resort, Penang.

3 weeks after the first dose of vaccination took place on 23rd and 24th June 2021 for 690 employees, ViTrox had successfully completed the COVID-19 second dose vaccination programme for the employees. A total of 312 employees had their vaccination on 14th July and 378 employees on 15th July.

Based on the smooth experience of the First Dose Vaccination Program, ViTrox has continued the safety precautions that were previously taken. ViTrox’s COVID-19 Taskforce has recruited volunteers at the vaccination (PPV) centre to assist the entire second dose vaccination process. The safety measures were taken during the vaccination days, including sanitization and disinfection procedures, monitoring of compliance with SOP and securing employees adherence to safety precautions. V-refreshments were provided to the employees after they had received the vaccination. These good practices have reflected ViTrox’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives to ensure the health and safety of ViTroxians.

ViTrox employees’ strict adherence to enhanced Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), coupled with high self-discipline and cooperation, have enabled the smooth progress during the appointed vaccination days and successful completion of the PIKAS.

ViTrox puts employees’ safety and health at the highest priority. In accordance with the commitment to provide a safe workplace for the employees, ViTrox’s COVID-19 Taskforce had implemented various precautionary measures, strict health and safety protocols, enhanced SOP and control measures at ViTrox Campus 2.0, since the pandemic outbreak.

ViTrox is grateful for the cooperation and assistance of all parties to ensure everyone successfully completes their vaccinations safely. The vaccination process was smooth, and all the personnel at the vaccination (PPV) centre are polite and helpful, to ensure everyone follows the process correctly. ViTrox is honoured that the majority of employees have successfully completed two doses of vaccination under PIKAS programme. It definitely helps in supporting the community to reach herd immunity.