Press Release

18th July 2022 - ViTrox Foundation donates RM889K for charity and education

PENANG, MALAYSIA - 18 JULY 2022 - ViTrox Foundation donates RM889,520 in the first half of 2022 in continuous efforts to support charity and education initiatives. The 24 beneficiaries include UTAR Education Foundation, Penang Science Cluster, SJK(C) Beng Teik, Chung Ling High School, Arus Education Sdn. Bhd., Chumbaka Sdn. Bhd., and 18 other educational institutions and non-profit organisations.

For the purpose of building a local healthy talent pipeline in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), the valuable contribution to schools, universities and educational-related programmes includes sponsoring projects that promote STEM and providing scholarships to STEM students.

During ViTrox Annual Dinner 2022, (seventh from the right to left) Chief Financial Officer Lim Kim Seng, Executive Director and Executive Vice President Yeoh Shih Hoong, Managing Director/President/CEO Chu Jenn Weng, Executive Director and Executive Vice President Siaw Kok Tong and (tenth from the left) Chief Business Development Officer Wee Kah Khim present mock cheques to beneficiaries in support of their charity and education programmes.

The ViTrox Foundation was set up on 12 April 2021 as the philanthropic arm of the ViTrox Group. Through the foundation, ViTrox aims to contribute more to the community by giving a hand to the vulnerable population in the community and supporting quality education.

ViTrox is determined to make a positive influence in the community through our corporate conscience programmes, such as charity donations and corporate social responsibility programmes. “Over the years, ViTrox has taken many concrete steps in helping our people and giving back to our society through various upskilling and uplifting activities,” stated Managing Director/President/CEO Chu Jenn Weng. “We strive to amplify our commitments and purposes in contributing to the advancement of the society and well-being of humankind.”


In the first half of 2022, ViTrox Foundation donates RM889,520.00 to 24 organisations to support their charity and education initiatives.

ViTrox Group continues its efforts to contribute to society

In 2021, ViTrox Group donated RM1.94 million to various parties, including ViTrox Foundation, to practise social responsibility as a corporate. Among the benefitted organisations, the Buddhist Tzu-Chi Merit Society Malaysia received RM250,000.00.

Chu said, “We are always committed to extending a helping hand to the Penang Tzu Chi and other non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in whatever way we can during these trying times. After all, it is our responsibility to give back to society through all these NGOs.”

President and CEO Chu Jenn Weng (second from right) and Director of People Culture Su Pek Fuen (right) present a mock cheque to Buddhist Tzu-Chi Merit Society Malaysia Commissioner Datuk Khoo Boo Leong (second from left) in support of their charity programmes. Witnessing the presentation are Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow (third from right) and Penang Welfare and Environment Committee Chairman Phee Boon Poh (third from left).