Press Release

18th February 2012 - Annual Dinner cum Boot Camp 2012

On 18th February, ViTrox had our Annual Dinner and Bootcamp event to officiate ViTrox's newly implemented core values, aptly called 'The Power of 5'

The Power of 5 represents the fundamental principles of 'IACTG' which stands for 'Integrity', 'Accountability', 'Courage' , 'Trust and Respect', and 'Gratitude and Care'.

'These simple yet powerful universal values define the character of ViTrox people. These core values, when practised wholeheartedly, lead us to live in harmony with ourselves and the outside world. They guide our interactions with colleagues, customers and others, motivate us to make great products and services, ultimately enable us to build a sustainable and great organization. Therefore our leaders must ensure that we always search for potential talents and promote future leaders who posses, cultivate and embraces these values.' - Chu Jenn Weng, Managing Director, President and CEO of ViTrox.