Press Release

15th December 2021 - ViTrox contributes to making e-learning accessible

PENANG, MALAYSIA - 15 DECEMBER 2021 - ViTrox Corporation collaborates with NationGate Group to donate computer equipment for the purpose of virtual classroom settings and online learning.

To assist vulnerable students for accessible learning, the two homegrown companies in Penang handed over 100 units of desktops and notebooks to five Tamil elementary schools and the Tzu Chi Malaysia Association. Among the equipment, ViTrox contributed 50 sets of computer devices, including multimedia headsets, wireless USB adapters, webcams, keyboards, mice and refurbished computer monitors.

(From right to left in the front row) ViTrox’s president and CEO Chu Jenn Weng, YB Prof Dr Ramasamy A/L Palanisamy and NationGate Group CEO Ooi Eng Leong presented computer equipment to representatives from SJK(T) Alma, SJK(T) Sungai Bakap, SJK(T) Mayfield, SJK(T) Rajaji and SJK(T) Juru.

ViTrox’s president and CEO Chu Jenn Weng expressed a grateful appreciation for the opportunity to give back to society through the meaningful event. He said, “All of us, as a corporate, need to be responsible to do our part to be the force for good to contribute to the community.”

“Classroom learning had been disrupted during the COVID-19 pandemic," said The Deputy Chief Minister II of Penang YB Prof Dr Ramasamy A/L Palanisamy. “Unfortunately, our students, especially those from poor backgrounds, don’t have access to computers,” said Palanisamy.

Seeing the gaps, many companies came forward with digital resources to make education more accessible. “During the pandemic time, we need to work collectively, especially local companies, to see how we can help the community and society,” said Chu.

Chu also emphasized that education cannot be stopped despite any circumstances. “Young talent is the hope for our nation and education is the hope for our talents. Hence, let’s continue to support education to make an impact on our nation.”