Press Release

15th September 2016 - Save Your Date to Productronica India 2016!

PENANG MALAYSIA - September 2016 – Today, ViTrox is glad to announce that its Advanced Optical Inspection Systems (AOI) will be presented at the coming Productronica India by ViTrox's Strategic Channel Partners (SCP), Kyoritsu and iNEtest! This show will be held at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre, schedule to take place September 21-23, 2016. Both of the booths are located at Hall 3, Kyoritsu (#3141) and iNEtest (#3147) . Highlights of the day would be V510i 3D AOI and also V510i G2S!

In this show, Kyoritsu will focus on ViTrox's award-winning 3D product which is V510i 3D Advanced Optical Inspection System (AOI) while iNEtest will focus on 2D product, naming V510i G2S Advanced Optical Inspection System (AOI). Live demonstration of machines will be conducted during the show!

V510i Optimus 3D AOI's system uses 2D + 3D Inspection concurrently to achieve high productivity and high detectability. It boasts capabilities that are unmatched by other existing solutions in the market. The system is able to detect various types of challenging defects, such as Lifted Lead, Coplanarity, Black color PCB / Multicolor PCB, Presence / Absence, small components like 01005/ 0201 and many others. V510i Optimus 3D AOI is coupled with structured lighting for 2D illumination with multiple color LEDs. The revolutionary multi-angle multi-color illumination capability allows multiple images to be acquired for each view.

The new generation V510i G2S AOI system offers inspection speeds up to 55 cm2/sec for post-reflow and 65cm2/sec for pre-reflow. The system features low power consumption with a brilliant LED monitor display and improved ergonomic adjustment to increase viewing comfort (sit-stand operation). Additionally, the new multi-shot imaging technology enables the system to capture up to 180 frames per second and the multi-core processing technology significantly enhances inspection time.

As this is the first time of ViTrox's products joining this show, we look forward to welcoming visitors to visit both of the booths and experience the product performance on the spot! For more information about ViTrox, please follow us and scan the QR code below.