Media Release

14th November 2017 - Double inspection speed

Vitrox's V510i Optimus 3D AOI is combining camera technology with state-of-art phase shift profilometry's (PSP) projector to provide an effective platform with high throughput. The platform offers intuitive programming and a user-friendly interface.

The high-speed 12 Mpixel Coax Press camera with precise telecentric lens and projectors promises shorter image acquisition, faster transfer interface and larger FOV to address the specific inspection requirement of any production environment without sacrificing performance or speed. The multi-frequency PSP methodology provides true 3D inspection of SMT devices on PCB assemblies. Multiple projectors assembled on the 3D vision module illuminate the fringe pattern lighting, from different directions with minimal occlusion to achieve high productivity and detectability with real 3D measurement values. The camera contributes to inspection speeds of up to 60 cm²/s at 15 µm resolution. Thereby, inspection speed has improved nearly by 200 % compared to 4 Mpixel camera technology. Useful features such as V-One and control tower application complete the picture.

sourced from: all-electronics