Press Release

14th November 2011 - ViTrox won Best of Industrial Applications for MSC Malaysia APICTA Awards 2011

ViTrox has won the Best of Industrial Applications for MSC Malaysia APICTA Awards 2011 for the product: V2000 Automatic.

Dubbed as the 'Oscars of ICT', the MSC APICTA 2011 Award Ceremony was held in KL Hilton on 25 Oct 2011.

'The MSC Malaysia APICTA Awards is one of the platforms that underline the Government's ambition to drive creativity and innovation in the new economy, which inherently leads to greater wealth creation, quality of life and societal well-being for the country. In fact, the World Bank Report 2010 listed innovation as one of the three reforms necessary to drive the Malaysian GDP forward by 5% more, year-on-year.' – YAB Datuk Seri Maximus Johnity Ongkili, the Minister of Science, Technology & Innovation.

ViTrox represented Malaysia in the International stage held at Pattaya on 9th November 2011 and won the Merit Award under the ' Best of Industrial Applications' category.

The award was presented by the Minister of the Minister of Information and Communication Technology, from the Office of The Permanent Secretary, Madam Jirawan Boonperm. She represented the H.E. Minister of the Information and Communication Technology, Group Captain ANUDITH NAKORNTHAP to present the award for all the winners and merits winner.

With this, ViTrox will move forward and we shall compete again,next year, using other technologies that we have created in V2000.

Click here for more info on our V2000 AOI machine