Press Release

13th November 2015 - ViTrox named one of the best companies to work for in Asia

ViTrox has won the best companies to work for in Asia 2015 by HR Asia, in a survey that covered over 7,000 Malaysian employees.

"ViTrox is a young company and this award is a good testimonial to our efforts & commitment in making the best workplace & culture for our employees. We believe in happy employees will create happy customers. " says Ms Su Pek Fuen, Senior Manager of ViTrox's People Culture Department. "Instead of saying ViTrox is the best company to work for , I would say ViTrox is the best home to work for.",she further added.

In fact, HR Asia is the Asia's largest circulating publication for senior HR professionals which issued by Business Media International. They honors the leading companies to work for in Asia by giving the outstanding HR professionals due recognition for their effort in creating great workplace environments and pushing the boundaries beyond traditional workplace and employee engagement practices.