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13th December 2022 - Reliable Defect Detection Capability with Automated X-ray Inspection Solution

PENANG, MALAYSIA - DECEMBER 2022 ViTrox, X-ray Inspection (AXI) equipment has become increasingly prominent in the circuit board industry with the emergence of intelligent terminal equipment and intelligent automotive electronic products. Electronic components are developing towards miniaturization, refinement, and complexity. Therefore, manufacturers use AXI equipment for their production inspections to ensure reliable detection ability to pursue high product yields with high-quality final products.

To address these needs, ViTrox’s V810i Advanced 3D X-Ray Inspection (AXI) solution provides full board test coverage with the latest vision technologies and advanced inspection capabilities for accomplishing the testing of hidden joints on printed circuit boards within the required inline cycle time. With the V810i AXI solution, manufacturers can optimize production throughput and enjoy speedy and precise inspection capabilities.

V810i AXI Solution

The smart V810i AXI solutions offer world-class board inspection capabilities and Industry 4.0-compliant software for quality-assured inspection results. The V810i AXI solution is capable of handling the largest and heaviest PCB (size up to 52"x52" and weighing up to 25kg) in the market.

The latest V810i Series 3 (S3) AXI comes with a new ergonomic outlook that saves space capacity for users. One of the space-saving designs is to embed its RRS Server (3DCT) and Supermicro (System Server) in the machine while eliminating the location of the external servers at the exterior of the system. The new design allows users to easily apply the solution to the production line while saving up more floor space in the production line. V810i S3 AXI provides an in-house developed Algebraic Reconstruction Technique (ART) with a model of sharp geometric 3D computed tomography to simplify the process for users in performing accurate defect failure analysis results for further improvement.

The V810i AXI solution is equipped with a powerful test algorithm that provides automated and full-board 100% test coverage for PCB assemblies, hidden joint related components, and more:

Furthermore, the V810i AXI solution integrates artificial intelligence (A.I.) capabilities to expand the opportunity for AXI inspection, enabling our unique A.I. inspection model to detect defects/abnormalities of specific joint types. With the V810i AXI A.I. inspection solution, we further improve the inspection accuracy for both challenging and common pads, including pads consisting of multiple grayscales or unique profiles and characteristics.

The above images are a side-by-side demonstration that shows you the void detected by the human label on the whole pad and the void detected by the AXI AI label on the whole pad. Based on the images, you can see both the Human label and AXI AI label show almost the same area of void detected.

Besides that, one of V810i AXI's powerful inspection capabilities is to perform insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) void inspection. With many successful cases, the V810i has proven its powerful algorithm and AI inspection capability for inspecting the voids within the IGBT components. This is especially beneficial for the power semiconductors manufacturers (i.e. IGBT modules and SiC chips) that must comply with safety and performance requirements. For example, an IGBT power module is an assembly and physical packaging of several IGBT power semiconductor dies in one package. The dies are normally connected in a selected electrical configuration. The IGBT power module is becoming the preferred device for high-power applications (i.e. railways and automobiles) due to its ability to enhance switching, temperature, weight, and cost performance. To produce high-accuracy image inspection of these modules is exceedingly difficult because they are usually sealed with a heat sink that has a thick complex structure with multiple layers of solder hidden in the heat sink.

An X-Ray image of the voids within the IGBT component

To address this challenge, the V810i AXI solution features Dynamic Range Optimization (DRO) that provides high-quality X-Ray images on very heavily shaded components and non-uniformly shaded components. Coupled with the lighting programming, the V810i AXI solution can save up to 50% of heavily shaded component programming time, enabling users to enjoy fast and ease-of-use programming.

Intrigued to learn more about V810i AXI Artificial Intelligence inspection capabilities and how to achieve accurate full board inspection with V810i AXI Solution? We highly encourage you to reach out to ViTrox Sales Experts ( and ViTrox Authorized Sales and Support for further inquiries.