Press Release

12th January 2023 - Driving for sustainability — ViTrox remained in top 25% list by FTSE Bursa Malaysia EMAS

PENANG, MALAYSIA - 04 JANUARY 2023 - Since its first listing in December 2021, ViTrox has again successfully remained in the top 25% by ESG ratings amongst Public Listed Companies (PLCs) in FTSE Bursa Malaysia EMAS that have been assessed by FTSE Russell.

The Company has been a constituent of the FTSE4Good Bursa Malaysia (F4GBM) Index and FTSE4Good Bursa Malaysia Shariah (F4GBMS) Index since December 2021. For the financial year of 2022, ViTrox has successfully maintained a healthy FTSE4Good ESG rating under the technology industry classification benchmark.

The inclusion in both indices demonstrates ViTrox’s commitment to ESG practices and disclosures. CEO Chu Jenn Weng expressed his thanks to everyone who supported and committed to the Company’s sustainability initiatives and implementation.

FTSE Russell assesses the ESG performance of PLCs once a year. Based on publicly disclosed information by the companies, the assessment measures a company’s management of ESG issues. It looks at three pillars — E, S and G — and 14 themes covering more than 300 indicators.

ViTrox is committed to being a responsible company and bringing positive contributions to society and the environment. It will continue to drive its sustainability focus on eliminating e-waste through its advanced innovation.

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