Press Release

12th April 2019 - 3D AOI Roadshow 2019 in Guadalajara, Mexico by ViTrox and SMTo

PENANG MALAYSIA - April 2019 - ViTrox Technologies is gearing up to begin its roadshow, showcasing their latest Advanced 3D Optical Inspection (AOI) and the most innovative Industrial 4.0 Smart Solutions to the customers in Guadalajara, Mexico. Initiated by ViTrox and SMTo, or also known as ViTrox’s sales channel partner, the Roadshow kicks off from 30th April 2019 to 3rd May 2019, 9am-5pm at SMTo office.

To provide the first-hand experience on the wonders provided by 3D AOI technology to AOI users and decision makers, this 4-day program will be held in a one-to-one consultation mode. Contrary to the common roadshow, ViTrox is conducting a one to two hours demonstration to each slot throughout the event.

At the appointed time, AOI technical specialist from ViTrox will share the best practice of 3D AOI, provide technical expertise and demonstrating the machine features to the customers. Throughout the roadshow, customers are able to understand the contributions of the AOI system in SMT inspection process and learn the improvement of the manufacturing process through V-ONE, the Industrial 4.0 Smart Solutions.

“As the industry today is experiencing the accelerate challenges in delivering prestigious quality products to customers, we believe our AOI system would help manufacturers to maximize their production throughput and achieve quality-ensured inspection results concurrently,” said Seow Zi Yang, the Senior Manager of ABI Business Development from ViTrox.

Now enhanced with 12 megapixels camera with high inspection quality and resolution, V510i Optimus 3D AOI system has increased its inspection speed to 60cm²/sec and the resolution to 15ɥm. It is also available with Flexible Dual Lane configurations and XXL model to cater for larger boards inspection. Moreover, ViTrox AOI Centralized program database management system (V-library) allows users to manage and standardize different program databases across multiple systems in the production with ease.

To increase the readiness of Industrial 4.0, ViTrox will also showcase V-ONE, a highly customizable open platform which offers data-driven decisions in the manufacturing process to the customers. Through its features such as e-ticketing, dashboard, data analysis, status monitoring and remote control, and alert triggering system, V-ONE is able to reduce downtime and increase throughput in a production line.

To make reservations, visitors are encouraged to contact Carlos Ponce at +521-3338145530 ( or Alejandro Olivar at +521-3314744035 ( Visitors may also visit for more details.