Press Release

1st June 2015 - Launching of Embedded Intelligent Vision Systems by ViTrox

Penang Malaysia, 1st June 2015 – ViTrox Technologies, a solutions provider of innovative, advanced and cost-effective automated vision inspection systems and equipment for the semiconductor and electronics packaging industries is launching a series of Connected Intelligent Vision Systems and equipments. This new series of products are to support and enable implementation of Smart Manufacturing (or Industry 4.0) in the semiconductor packaging and electronics assembly industries around the world.

Connected Intelligent Vision Systems and Modules is the system, module or equipment which is connected to the intranet or internet and equipped with embedded technologies and predictive features to perform high speed and accurate automated 2D and 3D object dimensional measurement, defect detection, classification and monitoring through advanced algorithms and self-learning technology. In the near future, data generated by the system can be channelled to cloud with big data analytic, thus achieving high level of manufacturing effectiveness and efficiency through adaptive learning, artificial intelligent, predictive maintenance and yield management. The system will be equipped with true stereo (multiplex) vision which is able to achieve real time, accurate and complex measurement of manufacturing defects.

ViTrox's systems and modules are intelligent & smart as they consist of self-learning feature and adaptive technologies to cope with environment changes. Besides, they are normally equipped with Flexible Image Acquisition sub-system with smart illumination and image acquisition modules to cater for highly complex and high change-over applications.

Through real time data sharing and adaptive learning between smart machines, inspection result and trend can be automatically shared with machines at up stream or down stream processes where these machine parameters can be fine-tuned to achieve optimum output with less or no defect. ViTrox centralized cloud database serves multiple intelligent vision systems across different production lines in real time. The system protocol also allows remote log-in, trouble shooting, self-maintenance, training and software upgrade for every connected intelligent vision system.

All these above are showing that ViTrox is moving forward towards the new era of technology.