Press Release

1st June 2011 - ViTrox Announces the First System of V810 Automated X-Ray Sold in US

Referral: John Burke, Director of Engineering (AsteelFlash, Fremont, California)

ViTrox proudly announces the first system of V810 Automated X-Ray Inspection (AXI) sold to a top EMS customer, AsteelFlash in US. AsteelFlash has 16 production sites spread over four continents that provide a full range of manufacturing services including manufacturing, mechanical design, PCBA assembly, sheet metal and plastic enclosure fabrication, final assembly and logistics support.

AsteelFlash's electronic plants are equipped with the latest PCBA assembly equipment that insures their customer's board is at the highest quality. With these said, full inspection and test are done during assemblies which required automatic visual inspection, in-circuit testing and finally functional testing.

In designing manufacturing process, AsteelFlash is well awared of the limitations of electrical test. Electrical test does not cover the solder quality and reliability of the components; hence, automated visual inspection is a must in the PCBA assembly line. To have a full complete solution of automated visual inspection, evaluations on several market leading AXI systems have been conducted based on their stringent requirements. After meticulous examinations and careful verifications on both the system capabilities and cost of ownership, ViTrox's V810 has been selected as their qualified supplier for AXI system. Of course, the Approve Vendor selection process has also taken into consideration Vitrox as a healthy financial yet vision focused company.

ViTrox's V810 is a high-speed in-line and off-line automated x-ray inspection machine specially designed for PCBA manufacturing. The system provides 3-dimensional inspection of the solder joints that is highly accurate and repeatable measurements with very high call accuracy minimizing the incidence of false failures which will, in turn, reduce the opportunity to make errors by operator.

One of the main reasons that ViTrox's V810 is applied in the manufacturing line is because of its high test coverage for structural defects occurring at the solder joints. More than 90% of test coverage for structural defects by the 3D automated x-ray inspection, give manufacturer the upper hand to detect failure upfront before the structural failure occurs at the end user. These minimize parts return and warranty cost, which in turn significantly increase manufacturer profit at the end of the days.

ViTrox's V810 provides significant increases in delivering quality for AsteelFlash as a top EMS company. This level of performance gives direct benefits to the overall business model of the company and its customers.