Press Release

1st April 2013 - ViTrox Technologies Debuts V810 XXL AXI

ViTrox Technologies, a solutions provider of innovative, advanced and cost-effective automated vision inspection systems and equipment for the semiconductor and electronics packaging industries, today announced the launch of its new V810 XXL In-Line 3D Advanced X-ray Inspection System (AXI).

ViTrox's V810 XXL provides the fastest inspection speed and widest test coverage with four key technologies innovated for speed/throughput: loading / unloading optimization, dynamic scan path technology, progressive alignment technology and machine operation optimization. It can inspect boards up to 26" x 38" and provides the best support on the market for boards up to 500mils thick weighing up to 15kgs. Variable Magnification (VM) enables V810 XXL to inspect smaller pitch component joints, such as 01005s and micro-BGAs with joints less than 200 microns pitch at 11 micron resolution.

V810 XXL is further enhanced with incredible Head-in-Pillow (HIP) and Intelligent Voiding inspection capabilities, which yield zero escape and low false fail rates. Additionally, the in-line system provides multiple slices of PTH images (> 10 slices), and is currently known as the best in the market for this technology. V810 XXL proves its capabilities by inspecting various advanced packages such as heavily shaded high-speed packages, multi-stacked POP (up to 4 stacks), micro packages, Gbx-T and Pin in Paste. Additionally, V810 XXL is combined with the best test coverage capability and the ability to detect various defects with low escape rates and low false fail rates.

V810 XXL's state-of-art technology is based on Digital Tomosynthesis methodology. The advanced Digital Reconstruction Technology reconstructs X-ray images from multiple angled cameras and effectively separates the top- and bottom-side of the board images clearly. Proprietary Hybrid Auto Focus technology enables the system to intelligently focus on desired z-height without any mechanical movement from X-ray or stage, significantly reducing the any measurement uncertainties.